The Last of us
The Last of us



Born in Rijeka, Croatia in 1971 Sasha completed his art and education in Croatia, Nederland and the United Kingdom where he trained as a painter / printmaker. Sasha lives and works in London.

Sasha’s painted-photo portraiture is inspired from his visual treasure hunting for colour, nostalgia and from his belief in the possible.

Sometimes my portraits are colourful collage of brush strokes merging with the background in order to confuse my audience.. Sasha Mataya

Sasha loves the richness of tonal qualities that he can achieve with acrylic colours and occasionally he adds some organic substances into the acrylic pigments to achieve very strong texture to add to the visual experience

Sasha derives enormous pleasure from seeing his students creating their work and turning up with bags of enthusiasm and creative ideas and he hopes he will continue to inspire them to create and the change the visual perception of the world around them.

Sasha is available for Commissions and Private Tutoring.